eBook: Tax Breaks & Incentives for Long Term Care Insurance – 2019 Guide


This guide is intended to help you understand what incentives are available both in the federal tax code and in most states. The Federal government has offered tax breaks since 1997 for purchase of qualified long term care insurance policies. Most states offer incentives for those who purchase long term care insurance. 


eBook: What Every Business Needs to Know About Worksite Long Term Care Insurance


Despite growing awareness of the problem of long term care, there is generally a lack of understanding about how to pay for this type of care. In a survey of American ages 30-65, 77% agreed with the statement ‘I should know more about long term care insurance than I currently do.” Employers who provide retirement savings opportunities are in a unique position to similarly address employee concerns and needs about long term care. 


Rate Increases: Why Do They Happen and What’s Being Done Today to Protect Long Term Care Insurance Policy Owners Toady?

A common misconception is that premium increases are due to changes in the policy holder’s age, health or claims history- this is not true. Insurance companies see if a rate increase is warranted based on actuarial projections of future claims cost. Long term care insurance companies only raise rates to groups of policies with similar characteristics that are issued in the same state on the same policy form.


The Seven Most Common Myths About Long Term Care Insurance

As we discuss the subject of retirement there are many variables that we are approached with, for instance, one’s lifespan, interest rates and how the stock market will behave as time passes. However, one thing is nearly certain: as we age our health will change. Below are common misconceptions we hear in our industry and the facts we have come to understand.


Three Types of Long Term Care Insurance

Deciding on when to purchase a long term care policy, how much protection is right for you and what type of long term care product to buy can be overwhelming. Knowing the different types of products that are available will help you navigate the process and gain insight into what questions to ask when discussing long term care with your specialist.